Scout Troops work better and Scouts get more fun out of Scouting, when a Troop Council is driving the program and making the decisions that count.

TC6 is a challenge for every Scout Troop in Victoria.

To qualify as a TC6 Troop in 2018, you need to run at least 6 TCs for the year, including:

  • at least one TC each term
  • a major planning TC where you work on the program for the year (you might have already had this one at the end of last year for example, but it still counts as a TC for this year if you were working on the 2018 program), and
  • a reward TC, where the TC members get to just have some fun in recognition of their hard work :).

So, as a TC, sign up to the TC6 challenge below, and get your Troop firing!

Trello – something new in 2016! Trello is a fantastic way to swap programming ideas with your fellow PLs from other Troops. A booklet about Trello was sent out to your SL in February with all your TC’s login details. Follow the prompts in the enclosed booklet to go online and unlock the features Trello has to offer your TC. A copy of the booklet is here – TC6 Trello.

If you need more copies of the SL & PL letters posted out to all Troops in February, you can get them here – SL TC6 letter, PL TC6 letter.

For lots of TC tips and resources, as suggested by Scouts at the State Youth Forum in 2014, check out the other pages on this website.