TC6 – even bigger in 2016!

TC6 was a huge success in 2015 and things are already ramping up for a great 2016.

To help your Troop build and share great program ideas with other Troops across the State we’ve set up Trello boards. Your SL should have received all the info with your Troop’s Trello login and password – check it out and let us know what you think!

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32 thoughts on “TC6 – even bigger in 2016!”

  1. 1st Troop Council completed for the year tonight 26 Feb 2015.
    Olivia (PL Redback’s) chaired the meeting, Sarah (PL Penguins ) took the minutes (straight onto the laptop) and we also had Leo (APL Penguins), Olly (PL Lyrebirds), Jason (APL Lyrebirds), Ben (PL Eagles), Shayla (APL Eagles) and Jacob (APL Falcons) in attendance. apologies from Abby (APL Redback) away on school camp.
    We followed the TC6 agenda format, re-capped on last TC (27/11/14), meeting went for about an hour then all had a swim in Hobbit’s pool.

  2. Just had a massive TC, way to long, but for the first time this year all patrols were represented and we got a complete picture of what major activities we wanted to fit in the program for the next year (Long term plan) and the badge work we hoped to cover in the next term (medium term plan). We have taken on the TC6 challenge. We have agreed to continue to run TC for 40minutes from 6.20 to 7.00PM before each Tuesday meeting for PL’s & APL’s. Half on issues, approvals and ideas, half on Prep for the night (our SL & ASLs need to know what we expect of them! – that’s going to be not much they hope).
    Good ideas here, but I Don’t see how this site is going to work to monitor TCs for the badge?

  3. Had 2nd Troop Council for the year at Relay for Life event. PLs Lachie & Kyle and APL Quentin. Apology from APL Riley who was out of town. Great planning session before a long night and lots of walking 🙂

  4. Had our 2nd District PL troop council meeting at the Macedon scout hall with 16 PLs from all troops attending, had a BBQ and drinks while discussing all troops program’s and suggestions what events scouts would like the district to hold.
    Discussed how the district Eppalock camp went. This was the camp suggestion from the last District PLs meeting. Looking forward to our next meeting at the end of term ice skating.

  5. Hey Everyone. We had a mini troop council tonight. WE discussed community visits for each of our patrols (in Adventurer Citizenship). We also spent a lot of time trying to figure out our TC6 password so we signed up again. TIP: For the people who created this page, YOU NEED A ‘forgot password’ OPTION!!
    Thankyou kindly 🙂
    Lots of love, COLAC QUOKKAS!!!!
    P.S. Quokkas are the best. (search them on google images)

    1. Yes you are right, I will get onto the recover password option.

      Glad to here your troop council went so well.

  6. Just had the best TC so far this year.
    we –
    -watched the Patrol System The Movie on youtube. We thought it was boring but educational. just like school. We then discussed how this will work in our troop
    – wrote the term program.
    – decided on the next TC
    Only missing 1 APL. Successfull.

  7. we just had our 2nd troop council in our scout hall it went too long and went off the track a few times but it was great we completed our activities we wanted to fit into the next years program and also a lot of badge work we need to finish off. we also talked about our camp coming up. All attended Ricky Samantha Kyle John Ben Kim Rocco Alex and Caitlyn thankyou

  8. Hi, have just registered for this after finding out about it at our last District Troop council. SO to bring us up st speed we have had 4 TC’s this year as 1st Traralgon and 2 as a Strzelecki District. It has been a great start to the year with us scouts planing most if not all the nights and what camps and activities we would like to do. We have done camps with scouts from other districts in prep for AJ next year and challenging ourselves to meet new people. Friday night we are going to Jump and Climb as out Troop activity which the Owls Patrol has organised. Next term we have organised to try scuba which I think will be fun!!!

    1. TC6 finishes for 2015 on the 31st of December.

      The ability to indicate completion will be enabled Term 4 2015.

  9. Hey there councilors!!!!!!
    3rd/4th Colac TC (AKA the Quokkas) are back with another epic TC report.
    Possibly one of the smallest yet importantest TCs for our troop this year. Yeah, hold on tight, this is massive. Here is the lowdown –
    – It’s nerd night tonight, so everyone is looking bodacioulsy geeky.
    – Malachi played with a ball, yeah, we’re pretty mellow here in the sticks.
    – Minnow got his Wi-Fi hotspot to work, so this is coming to you live. How radical is that?
    – The TC has the very important task tonight of signing off two groovy chicks on their GREEN CORDS! That’s right GREEN CORDS! We think this is a very cool acheivment and hope these two gals continue on their epic badgework skills when they move into Ventures in the very near future.
    – Someone has most heinously stollen our halls toilets!! But don’t stress trendsetters, it turns out we are getting the most awesome of new ones, and we only have to use the stinky portables for another month or so.
    This TC report was proudly written by the dudes and dudettes of Colac Quokkas, and edited by Emily & Tapanga ( yeah, that’s an actual name)

  10. 3rd Troop Council for the Year
    Programming for rest of the year focusing on Jamboree. 20 of the Troop going to Jamboree.
    Massive effort. Tracking badge work for all to achieve Pioneer. Presented Jarrod Grigg with his Scout Medalion at our Massive AGM, Well done Jarrod.
    Attending Tess, Lexi, Fraser, Connor, Kieran, Tommy
    App HarrySon, Finn

  11. this is our 6th troop council for the year and we only had the 3 patrol leaders turn up out of 4 so we still went ahead planning our term 4 program focusing on the jamboree and more outings on the beach and the 3 scouts who are doing the scout medallion and the new scouts scout that turned up where ricky john kim

  12. We’ve done 5 TCs and doing one more soon, but how and where do I say that we’ve done them so that we can get our badges for the future? I’ve looked everywhere but I can’t find them. Please help me?

    1. Hi Sarah,

      you need to login and record your achievement.

      Easiest way is to click the signup button on the bottom right then login on that page.

  13. Only one more TC to go this year, in the car on the way to Watermarc. Total of 18 for the year, mostly held in the 40 minutes before meetings. TC decided to change it a bit next year and have one longer one that runs 6.00-8.30 each term for planning the next term. This would overlap the 7-9 regular Tuesday meeting with the program run by leaders and without PL’s on that night. 2016 Long term program completed. Two Patrol Activities for next year selected by each patrol, TC awaiting details for approval. Reward Camp Sealer’s Cove completed in perfect weather, complete with TC, on a rock of course.

  14. Mont Albert North Troop Council has met six times this year, including one each term, last on 8th of November). It has completed it’s programming for the 2017 year and held one reward camp just for TC members during the year “Snow Shoe at Mt Baw Baw”.

    We have also trialled Trello for camp menu development but it is early days so no firm opinion yet. Basically put all the menu items we could think of on cards that can be dragged to the meals of each day.

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